EPSc 428: Hydrology

Fall 2017




Professor: Bob Criss, Rudolph Hall 256, x 5-7441 criss@wustl.edu, office hours: after class

Assistant to Instructor: Kaushik Mitra RH 232 k.mitra@wustl.edu

Course Description: Survey of principles that govern the flow of water in river and groundwater systems and in deep geologic environments. Basic equations of fluid flow, dynamics, and the characteristics of drainage basins, rivers, floods and
important aquifers. Exploitation of ground water systems. 3 credit units.

Prerequisites: EPSc 353 or permission of instructor

Book: http://www.observationalhydrology.com/

Schedule: Three 1-hour lectures /week, MWF 9-10 am

Grading: Homework & Labs : Exam I : Exam II : Final = 25: 20: 20: 35%

Falling Springs near Dupo, IL